Engineering & Production SolutionsProduct engineering & prototyping

Thanks to our in-house design team, customers' demands for products design can be supported in the most effective and highest quality in a short lead time.

Our research, quality and manufacturing capacities also enable us to do the prototype manufacturing for big and important projects.
With expertise in metal fabrication, welding, mechanics and automation, most of industrial and mechanical projects can be satisfied by TRA-C industrie.

Engineering & Production SolutionsProcess engineering & turn-key solutions

TRA-C Industrie has the expertise to assist in the development and building of "Special machines and equipment" based on new technologies to conduct large-scale projects, ranging from studies to industrialization and manufacturing.

  • Development based on customer's specifications to design industrial equipment and jigs
  • In-house manufacture and machine assembly
  • Equipment process engineering
  • On-site installation, machine start-up and operator training provided by our technical team.

If you want to develop special machines, improve and optimize your manufacturing process…, TRA-C Industrie offers you its experience and competencies.

Engineering & Production SolutionsIndustrial production & services

TRA-C industrie has essential know-how to satisfy your needs of supplying serial production services for industries and add values to niche market of high class quality.

  • Sheet metal and welding assembly parts subcontracting like tooling and assembly jigs
  • Prototype development and manufacture (stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel…)
  • Qualifications in specialized welding with ISO 9001, EN ISO 3834-2, EN 15085-2 CL1 and EN 1090-1 certifications.
  • Manufacturing and assembly on specific jig
  • On-site maintenance services

Manufacturing cost optimization
Quality improvement
Worldwide experience