Technical training

Our facilities at STA provide all tailored industrial training courses in the fields: Metal fabrication, Welding, Piping, and Mechanical fabrication.

Through its subsidiaries FORM in PROD and STA, the group TRA-C industrie grants a large part of its activities to the technical training & assistance for all industrial sectors: Petrochemicals, Gas (refinery, chemical fabric, offshore operation…), Nuclear, Food-processing industry, Automobile industry, Transport, Public works, Shipbuilding, ...
Thanks to the support of our experts coming from industrial sectors, the group has acquired a huge experience in industrial projects in France and worldwide.

An expert team to serve you !

Soudage Technique d'Auvergne (STA)

Since its creation in 1993, Soudage Technique d'Auvergne (Groupe TRA-C industrie) has dedicated a wide part of its activity to the training and technical support for the jobs in the industry in diverse domains: industry of the oil, the gas (refinery, chemical, offshore factory, etc.), nuclear power, food-processing industry, automobile, transport, but also in the public works and the shipbuilding, …

STA leans on a team of formative experts stemming from the industrial world strong of an experience through diverse projects in France and abroad.
We bring solutions to resolve your specific problems by "custom-made" proposals.

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Technical assistance

TRA-C industrie provides technical assistance for projects in France and overseas, and ensures the achievement of high class and challenging industrial objectives.

We are an experienced supplier of technology transfers and can provide technical assistance in the following activities: welding, metal fabrication, sheet metal working, mechanic and piping.

TRA-C industrie's area of expertise includes:

  • Manufacturing optimization and process improvement
  • Product feasibility study, product value analysis and assistance in setting up production
  • Operator working station optimization
  • Design and prototype assembly

TRA-C industrie has a worldwide experience in Project Management and Technical Assistance

Manufacturing cost optimization
Quality improvement
Worldwide experience

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International training

Our high quality international experts participate in technical and vocational training all over the world from Asia, Africa and Europe.

For the past 10 years, more than 30% of TRA-C industrie's turnover has come from outside France and through international projects.
TRA-C Industrie has developed partnerships with multinational companies to expand its presence outside Europe :

  • Factory installation and production start-up for metallurgy.
  • Technical assistance for production operators in several fields
  • Technical training

A worldwide presence…
Know-how, development, flexibility, mobility, quality

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