Our industrial design office

In 20 years, TRA-C industrie has designed several hundred specific machines and tools in many industry sectors.

Thanks to our engineering design office, we can offer you comprehensive development of your projects: from receipt of specifications through to manufacturing in our premises. We control each project using our expertise in project management.

TRA-C industrie: a mechanical and industrial design company

Our in-house industrial design office is made up of employees who develop innovative solutions. This multidisciplinary team includes doctoral students, planners / designers as well as mechanical, electrical and automation engineers dedicated to mechanical engineering, calculations, automation and robotics as well as project monitoring.

The engineering design office of our mechanical design company works independently. This office analyzes the specifications submitted by the customer and develops the solution that meets its requirements. Thanks to its expertise, it is able to assist the customer in the design of its products as well as in the development of its specific processes.

Once the solution has been approved by the customer, our technicians and engineers take care of its production and preliminary testing.

Solutions for each of our customers

Our mechanical and industrial design company offers solutions for special machines and industrial robots that meet the demanding needs of high-tech sectors such as aeronautics, defense, transport, and energy.

Our innovative designs allow us to offer our customers lighter, smarter, more communicative solutions while being less costly throughout their life cycle. In short, we aim for excellence: we want to offer flawless solutions in which optimized design lowers production costs while meeting the strict standards in these areas.