TRA-C industrie, an essential e-mobility partner

Acteur de l'e-mobilité

A stakeholder in the development of e-mobility

TRA-C industrie supports its various automotive customers in the production of their parts for their electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
Today, we are recognized as a major stakeholder in e-mobility thanks to our expertise in Friction Stir Welding (FSW). This innovative solid state welding technology makes it possible to produce parts that are, on average, 30% lighter, while maintaining and respecting customers’ technical requirements. This process optimizes savings and many parts in light alloys can be manufactured using it (battery packs, heat exchangers, engine blocks, etc.)
TRA-C industrie supports e-mobility stakeholders through the subcontracting of their parts in small, medium and large series, but also in the design and manufacture of fully robotic and turnkey welding cells.

The advantages of our offer

Always seeking customer satisfaction, we manage your projects with rigor and technicality. Our teams of experts have all the knowledge and qualifications to provide you with quality parts that fully comply with the specifications.
At the same time and with you,we are able to look at the best solutions according to your different criteria. In fact, our design office, made up of doctoral students, engineers and designers, is at your disposal to develop your products.
We are already supporting many major stakeholders in e-mobility who trust us for the realization of their various large-scale projects.

The advantages of our offer