The design of friction stir welding machines

TRA-C industrie works alongside its customers to design and manufacture production lines, equipment, processes and specific solutions to maximize their productivity and ensure their growth.

The development of friction stir welding machines and cells

Drawing on our experience and our know-how, we design different types of machines to meet all of the requests made to us:

The table machine

Small in size, it is suitable for prototyping and development of the FSW process. This friction stir welding machine allows work in the X and Y axes. It is ideal for training and research centers.

The gantry machine

Specially designed for large dimensions and mass production, it allows work in the X, Y, Z axes. The rail type gantry machine Thanks to its rails, it is more suitable for production over long lengths. It is aimed in particular at the railway and aeronautical sectors.

La machine portique de type rail

Grâce à ses rails, elle convient davantage pour les productions sur de grandes longueurs. Elle s’adresse notamment aux domaines ferroviaires et aéronautiques.
Outils Frictcion Stir Welding qui soude
Robot de soudage

Installation and integration of specific tools

We design, develop and install Friction Stir Welding (FSW) machines and cells according to the needs and criteria of our customers. All our solutions are unique and personalized on demand (they take into account all the specifications provided to us).

This is why we are able to integrate, install and program the various tools forming an integral part of the environment of the friction stir welding machine (clamping of parts for welding, preparation of parts, finishing, robotic part loading / unloading solutions, integration of detectors and sensors, etc.).

A turnkey solution

By calling on our expertise, our customers are guaranteed a turnkey friction stir welding installation. We take care of the entire project: development, design, prototyping, on-site installation, team training with skills transfer, maintenance contract, etc.