Study and design

TRA-C industrie studies and designs your large-scale projects

TRA-C industrie, expert in metalworking, is able to offer you the complete development of your projects, from receipt of the specifications to the manufacture of the solution and its installation in your premises.
Our design office is made up of doctors, engineers, designers and is entirely dedicated to R&D and engineering (mechanical studies, calculations, automation and robotization, business monitoring, etc.). We support you in the complete study of your project and assist you in the design of your specific products and processes.

Etudie et concoit vos projets

TRA-C industrie: developer of your projects

TRA-C industrie develops your projects thanks to a complete analysis of the needs in order to guide the customers towards the most adapted solution. Thanks to our expertise in engineering, metalworking, robotics, mechanics, welding, we can choose the technologies and materials that best suit your criteria. This mastery allows the TRA-C Industrie Group to maintain a real dialogue with its customers in order to optimize the production of their products with a real objective of cooperation.
We are able to model your future products, assemblies and sub-assemblies, to design your mechanical structures, your tools and to develop your automated machines while respecting technical and budgetary constraints.

Multidisciplinary skills

As multi-business and multi-sector experts, we have the necessary resources to carry out your various industrial projects. Indeed, thanks to our versatility and our ability to adapt, we are already working for the defense, automotive, aeronautics, energy, and various other fields.
With our experience and our complementary capacities, we widen the field of possibilities by studying all the feasible solutions according to the request. Our team then continues the development of the project by carrying out prototyping under conditions similar to those of our customers in order to anticipate and resolve any problems.
At the same time, and since our clients’ projects are unique, we want to ensure optimal confidentiality on your projects. From the request and beyond the sending of the solution, we make a point of honor to the security of your various data.

Multidisciplinary skills