Research and Development in Friction Stir Welding – FSW

Innovation FSW

TRA-C industrie at the center of FSW innovation

TRA-C industrie is the first French company to have set up FSW for series production and for the automotive sector. Thanks to our experience, we have a team of experts entirely dedicated to the R&D of this technology.

We are able to study applications related to FSW in order to highlight all the important technical points, such as the ability to weld large thicknesses (up to 40 mm) and enable multi-metal welding. We thus develop all alloy options to offer our customers the best solution to suit their requirements.

Our R&D at the service of industrial sectors

We support various sectors of industry (automotive, aeronautics, defense, etc.) in the study and design of their various projects. TRA-C industrie is able to study the different industrial applications through research and prototyping. Our team of experts is fully focused on finding the most suitable solution to fulfill the requirements and specifications of our demanding customers.

The optimal technical characteristics of Friction Stir Welding enable us to study and realize all your projects.

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Friction Stir Welding – FSW, an innovative technology

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is an innovative solid-state welding technology. Thanks to our R&D center, we are able to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of this process in order to demonstrate all its capabilities to you.

The FSW process has several advantages:


Better mechanical resistance

Improved fatigue resistance

Limited distortion

Not affected by a filler metal


Possibility of welding aluminum alloys known to be difficult to weld

Possibility of welding large thicknesses (50mm)

Allows welding of all configurations


Does not emit :

  • toxic gas
  • smoke
  • UV rays


Hot cracking avoided

Excellent repeatability and reproducibility


Increased productivity

Low tool costs

No filler metal

No sheet preparation