Tools for FSW

outils de soudage FSW

TRA-C industrie, the supplier of your FSW tools

TRA-C industrie is the European leader in Friction Stir Welding. We design high-performance tools to ensure the good quality of the weld. Our experts assess, calculate and find the FSW tools most suitable for their use. These precise, tailor-made tools have to meet technical criteria while guaranteeing their traceability.

Designer of your Friction Mixing welding tools

FSW is an innovative solid state welding process that requires a choice of quality tools to keep machinery running smoothly. Thanks to our experience and our expertise in R&D and subcontracting, we have the necessary know-how to support you in the manufacture of your tools. Our goal is to provide you with tools that combine price and quality in order to increase your competitiveness.

Tools for Friction Stir Welding

The different components of an FSW welding tool:

The shoulder

This corresponds to the upper part of the pin; it allows both softening of parts in order to be able to work them but also forging of the weld. Indeed, this tool holds the material in place and ensures its correct application.

The pin

This is the part that penetrates the material. This has a dual function, it heats and mixes the two parts. TRA-C industrie, thanks to its R&D department, carries out comprehensive studies in order to offer its customers the most suitable pin for the material to be welded as well as its configuration.
Tools FSW