Precision fine sheet metal working

TRA-C industrie is recognized internationally as an equipment supplier and assembler with expertise in metalworking.

We put our know-how in fine industrial sheet metal working to work for our customers in different sectors of activity.

Jacques Soudure: recognized expert in welding on thin sheet metal

Thanks to our subsidiary Jacques Soudure, we have skills in fine precision sheet metal working (from 0.3 mm to 10 mm). Our temperature-controlled industrial building, covering 2,100 m2, is equipped with the latest machinery to meet all of your industrial sheet metal and thin metal sheet welding needs.

The TRA-C industrie Group is perfectly qualified to work with different metals: aluminum sheet metal, steel sheet metal, stainless steel sheet metal in Lyon.

The TRA-C industrie Group: your subcontractor in industrial sheet metal and fine sheet metal in Lyon

The TRA-C industrie Group, a fine sheet metal expert in Lyon, implements forming, heat treatment and assembly processes, making it possible to produce several types of parts, from the simplest to the most complex. Thanks to our innovative and efficient machines as well as our constantly trained employees, we can take care of your subcontracting needs in small, medium, and large series. We produce complex parts or assemblies combining several trades: sheet metal working, welding, machining, painting and assembly.

We adapt to the requirements of each manufacturer

Our employees are driven by their appetite for challenge and a job well done. We are committed every day to offering our customers quality services. We work with optimized operating methods to produce repeatable industrial sheet metal parts with high added value while respecting the specifications and specifications of our customers.

We also have the human and technical skills to design, develop and manufacture each project. We can provide comprehensive support.