Production line

TRA-C industrie has the necessary skills to design and produce production lines, an integral part of the operator’s workstation.

Optimiser vos lignes

TRA-C industrie explores the best solutions for your production lines

TRA-C industrie has a team of engineers with the experience and skills necessary to design the mechanical elements that will automate certain tasks and simplify uses. We provide solutions that take into consideration the workshop environment, in order to optimize surfaces, production and ergonomics at the workstation. These production lines contribute to the efficiency of operators and to competitiveness.

  • Conveyors
  • Grippers, spreaders
  • Turners, positioners, jibs
  • Collaborating cobotics
  • Ground transfer: AMR (autonomous mobile robot), AGV (autoguided vehicle)
  • ….

A continuous improvement tool

These production lines are solutions aimed at lean manufacturing and at optimizing continuous improvement. They allow optimal inventory management and reinforce employee safety. For the design, we study the entire environment and the future use of the production lines in order to take into account all the factors influencing their application.

A continuous improvement tool